Monthly Archives: June 2021

20 Jun 2021

Flow Roll

Exploring Flow Experiences.Flow can be defined as a psychological experience where one is performing an activity and is fully immersed in an energized focus. In some professions, such as in the case of athletes and musicians, flow is also known as “being in the zone”, characterized by full absorption in what one does. We are all consciousness. When working with energy flow states and meditation allow for internal healing to occur on a quantum level. It’s all about the connections, […]

10 Jun 2021

Trailer- The One I Love

The One I Love Being born shouldn’t be a punishment. Enjoy a contemporary short film as International artist Brett Ashby opens your heart space. Featuring the voice of Felix Ezrael, please allow his tone to resonate with your natural flow, as the subtitles of illusion start to disturb inner balance. The use of animation such as the square representing Winter, Sun, Summer and Autumn. Sun, Moon, Stars and Planets. Air, Fire, Earth and Water. Honesty and Commitment. The outer lines […]

01 Jun 2021

Tao Door

Tao Door #publicartwork by Brett Ashby 2020 @cityofgleneira Bentleigh, Vic