Crypto Art Island

Event Details

  • From: April 29, 2022
  • To: May 4, 2022
  • Starting at: 12:00 AM
  • Finishing at: 12:00 AM


  • Xapo Bank, Gibraltar
  • Gibraltar
  • http://cryptoartisland.com

What is cryptoart?
The biggest advantage of the cryptoart is, without a doubt, that a creator can register his work as unique and the buyer of the same can certify both its authenticity and the ownership of his creation. The cryptoart emerged in the late 2010s and is a new artistic genre related to blockchain technology (blockchain that acts as a ledger where monetary transactions or information are recorded) that works by giving an NFT (non-fungible token) to a digital file.

An NFT is the unique and indelible signature of the owner of a digital work of art – which can be given away or sold. That is, an NFT serves to give value to said work, despite the countless unsigned copies that circulate on the network, and, in addition, whoever is the owner of the signature or token retains its copyright.

Crypto Art Island board include some of the world’s most respected art professionals, international art dealers, NFT investors, art critics, art gallery owners, entrepreneurs, crypto firms, film producers, and NFT journalists.

Europe’s First NFT Art Fair “Crypto Art Island – Gibraltar Edition” in collaboration with WISe.ART. Presenting 25 world-renowned NFT artists exhibiting exclusive NFTs for investment opportunity. The event put the emphasis on crypto art, and invites NFT investors and collectors from around the world to join us for the physical auction at Xapo Bank, Gibraltar. The event is also online.

Crypto Art Island is the first European NFT Art Fair at Xapo Bank, Gibraltar. The venue Xapo Bank is the first of its kind. Bringing the best of both worlds by uniting the stability of traditional banking with a seamless portal into the future of money – Crypto Currencies. The venue is truly an amazing building. The event will attract VIP guests who are interested in investing into NFT’s.