Only A Drummer Knows The Feeling

“Everything is energy, swirling around us, through us, changing form. We absorb it, merge with it and release it. It combines and collides with itself.
I am in my pure state immersed in it, in the moment when the music fills a room and I become the energy in the space, I express that energy through my performance, I’m lost in the moment, riding the energy.” Richard Lewis

Artist: Brett Ashby
Year: 2019
Title: Only A Drummer Knows The Feeling
Medium: Mixed multi-media, oil, acrylic, canvas, resin, digital, performance and HD video. Performance ɛnədʒi artwork painted while skateboarding.

Art Assistants: Christine Perera + Liam Rayner
Sitter: Richard Lewis, Tumbleweed 1990
Audio: Tumbleweed, Drop In The Ocean
DP: Dimitri Karas
Photography: Paul Rogers

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