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11 Sep 2019
05 Sep 2019

Meet the artist painting Cash Savage and Mick Harvey while on a skateboard- Beat Magazine

Tell us a bit about Energy. What is the premise behind the performance?  The four events are all spontaneous visual representations, from spirit to form. I work extensively as a public artist and a contemporary artist. For this event, I have combined these artforms to deliver a one of a kind experience.  When and how did the idea of combining skateboarding and painting in such a way come to you? I first performed this style of public art skateboarding in 2013 at […]

01 Sep 2019

Forte Magazine- Energy

Brett Ashby brings Energy to Melbourne Fringe Festival, 2019 Energy is contemporary, experimental and performance art from international artist Brett Ashby, where he takes his painting studio to the theatre. Four prominent Australians will be painted on canvas, whilst the artist rides a skateboard on ramps with a focus on the exchange of energy, art and power through physical whole body movement. The on-stage happenings and musical resonance will vibrate your skin, as Brett creates spontaneous energy representations, from spirit […]