Category : Performance

01 Sep 2021

Melbourne Fringe 2021 Frequency

Directed by: Brett Ashby Curated by: Christine Perera Filmed at: Pentridge Exploring Flow Experiences. International Artist, Brett Ashby takes his audience inside Pentridge, Melbourne’s former historic prison! Michael Jackson and Jimi Hendrix as his subjects will be painted on canvas, whilst the artist rides a skateboard on ramps. The art focuses on the exchange of energy, art and power through physical whole body movement. Spirituality is a fundamental aspect to this performance, allowing for the artist to connect with the […]

01 Jun 2019

Only A Drummer Knows The Feeling

“Everything is energy, swirling around us, through us, changing form. We absorb it, merge with it and release it. It combines and collides with itself.I am in my pure state immersed in it, in the moment when the music fills a room and I become the energy in the space, I express that energy through my performance, I’m lost in the moment, riding the energy.” Richard Lewis Artist: Brett AshbyYear: 2019Title: Only A Drummer Knows The FeelingMedium: Mixed multi-media, oil, […]

01 Jan 2019


Starting 2019 Blue Wings, HD Video USA

31 Aug 2018

All We Can’t See

Opening Night, Tuesday 31st July, 2018 Melbourne Art Week.

03 May 2014

Bondi Life

Paint and Skate, Plein-Air (in the open air) new works by Brett Ashby. Sculpture by the sea, 2014 live art, streaming talks, video screen in rear of van and performances over 3 weeks.

23 Dec 2013

Art Van

Arts Burst 2013 live art by International artist Brett Ashby. Public moving sculpture and energy painting. Video produced by Minoli James & Co, Melbourne.HD cameraman and online editor James Karas.

20 Sep 2013

Urban Wet Room

Mixed media art by Brett Ashby. Urban wet room explores laneway expressionism of Melbourne, as a place to bath.

21 Feb 2010

The Colonnade

Mixed media artwork, winner of the Art-Town project, Chapel Street, Olsen Hotel, Melbourne. 3d sculpture and photographic animation, perspex disc, video art.