Category : Short Films

10 Jun 2021

Trailer- The One I Love

The One I Love Being born shouldn’t be a punishment. Enjoy a contemporary short film as International artist Brett Ashby opens your heart space. Featuring the voice of Felix Ezrael, please allow his tone to resonate with your natural flow, as the subtitles of illusion start to disturb inner balance. The use of animation such as the square representing Winter, Sun, Summer and Autumn. Sun, Moon, Stars and Planets. Air, Fire, Earth and Water. Honesty and Commitment. The outer lines […]

10 Oct 2019

Only A Drummer Knows The Feeling

“Everything is energy, swirling around us, through us, changing form. We absorb it, merge with it and release it. It combines and collides with itself. I am in my pure state immersed in it, in the moment when the music fills a room and I become the energy in the space, I express that energy through my performance, I’m lost in the moment, riding the energy.” Richard Lewis Artist: Brett Ashby Year: 2019 Title: Only A Drummer Knows The Feeling […]

01 Oct 2019


Choice allows for invention and energy connected us as a choice. ‘Richie’ is a film about energy and the connection between artist and subject. Multi layers of energy and repetition in his practice has lead the artist, to the portrait of a musician- Richie Brett and Richard have a personal relationship as well as a professional relationship, through many years of friendship and working as colleagues in the fields of multimedia and creativity. ‘Richie’ is the process of documentation of […]

07 Aug 2018

Spit them out

To inhabit ones space, we must share and do time. Enter into a mind space to share energy within a place. What happens after the space is inhabited? We build and create a space, a three dimensional place. Spectators become a part of the artist space, as he controls the place through energy and slowing of time. When the curtain goes down the energy disintegrates. Once it is done it will never occur again. ‘Spit them out’ represents natural creative […]