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Interview: Algeria and exhibited at Bardo National Museum of Algiers, UPF Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona and at MAMA.


lyrics from Ashby's typewriter


Brett Ashby, commonly known as Always Neo, is an Australia singer, songwriter and producer from Naarm, Australia. His history in music production extends to his background as a visual artist and performance painter, actively engaging in worldwide arts activation since 2006. Ashby's most recent public performances were presented across 100 billboards in New York and fifty billboards in Miami as part of the world's most prestigious art weeks, Frieze Art and Art Basel 2021-22.

"I'm currently co-producing 12 tracks across 12 genres, presented by 12 renowned Australian vocalists as an extension of my art to create the soundtrack of my future" - Brett Ashby.


Forthcoming Release

Brett Ashby

Producer / Song Writer

Brett Ashby

Emanuele Mamo


Emanuele Mamo

Always Neo

Songs to my friends

  1. Over ( un released )
  2. Uranium ( Feb release )
  3. Atlantis ( un released )
  4. Private
  5. Private
  6. Private


First Single

New single - Uranium - out Feb 2023!

Ashby's long time friend and 90's Aussie rock legend will feature on the microphone.



The knowing

After Ashby's last painting 'Understanding Life & Death' exhibited across New York, and standing some what 32 stories high on the American Eagle billboard, Times Square Ashby hung up his skateboard and brushes. It was in May 2022 after non-stop creating for 15 years, he took a hiatus from performing to deep dive into making music. This would soon become his next chapter, with only one active series of paintings now underway, the October 2022 titled: 'Ripples Of Love' works on circle canvas's, the artist looks back across the Bay.

  • 1. Alternative
  • 2. Indie
  • 3. Grunge
  • 4. Psychedelic rock
  • 5. Neo Soul
  • 6. RNB
  • 7. EDM
  • 8. Rock n Roll
  • 9. Dance / Electronic
  • 10. Stoner Rock
  • 11. Rock N Roll
  • 12. Soul

Coming Soon

Always Neo- Streaming soon across all platforms