Portrait Commissions

Aura portraits with Ashby

If an artist is working from life, six to ten sittings of about 1 1/2 hours to two hours would be average. Unlike his predecessors Ashby visits his clients in their living/natural environments. After these visits Ashby then invites the client to his studio, theatre or suitable venue for a 1 hour live action and portrait painting.

Energy is contemporary, experimental and performance art from international artist Brett Ashby. The client will be painted on canvas, whilst the artist rides a skateboard on ramps with a focus on the exchange of energy, art and power through physical whole body movement. The soundscapes resonate the space and this becomes visible through the painting. I’m interested in cymatics, singing bowls, gongs and harmonic overtone vocals. I hope these elements immerse the audience and can be experienced by all. This will be a sonic and visual representation of the subjects’ consciousness.