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17 Jun 2023

Brett Ashby with Sam Newman

Acclaimed Melbourne Skateboarding Artist Brett Ashby toPaint the Legendary Sam Newman. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, Wednesday 7 June, Melbourne: As part of the Inner Essence series ground-breaking multidisciplinary artist, Brett Ashby will paint the portrait of Sam Newman this June. Since moving to Docklands as part of the Renew Shopfront Activation Program Ashby has held regular performance art exhibitions where he has painted subject portraits whilst riding his skateboard, supported by a live musician. Operating under Brett Ashby Institute of Fine Art, live art and gallery titledInner Essence the trailblazing […]

16 Jun 2023

Channel 9 news with Ashby

Never one to shy away from the spotlight, Sam Newman has once again found himself face to face with skateboarders in Docklands @Elisabeth_Moss9

31 Mar 2023

The renowned skateboarding artist creating waves in Docklands

Watching an artist create a piece of work in their own unique way is always interesting, but not often are artists riding a skateboard at the same time. READ MORE Brett Ashby is a Melbourne-born international contemporary, public and performance artist and, as part of Renew Australia, he has set up a studio in Docklands where he can be seen creating work from his skateboard. This passion for performance art has seen Brett entertain crowds at Bondi Beach’s Sculpture by the […]

16 Mar 2023


Photo Credit: Brody Mould Music Credit: Willie Maxwell, Willie J and the Bad Books

20 Jul 2022

10 Questions with Brett Ashby

Al-Tiba9 Contemporary Art June 30, 2022 READ ONLINE AT:

16 Jun 2022

The One I Love- Russia

Being born shouldn’t be a punishment. Moscow Russia International Film Festival, Moscow, Москва https://moscowinternationalfilmfestival.com Category: Best Experimental Project Documentary, Experimental, Short Run time: 16 minutes 43 seconds Completion Date:March 11, 2021 Title: The One I Love One of Australia’s significant moving image practitioners International artist Brett Ashby has long been fascinated by performance as a mode of storytelling. In this short film allow in the frequency, as it opens your heart space. Featuring the voice of Felix Ezrael, please allow […]

09 May 2022

Patch New-york with water riding Ashby

New York City|Local Event The World’s Largest Public Art Fair, Cube Art Fair Returns to New York City. Fri, May 20, 2022 at 9:00 AM Add to calendar More info: https://www.cubeartfair.com Beginning May 18 and running through May 22, Cube Art Fair is back with its iconic public art fair, featuring physical and NFT artwork across 100+ billboards across New York City, including a 15,000 sq/ft billboard in Times Square. Launched in 2016 with previous in-person shows in Brussels and New York City, Cube Art […]

29 Sep 2021


“I believe energy exists in many forms and there are many scientific definitions but for me on a more personal basis, i connect Energy in a physical and mental capacity. Energy is all around us. We need energy to run, to walk, to dance to Sing, to move objects. To Exist”. Lisa Edwards Artist: Brett AshbyYear: 2021Title: InvincibleMedium: Mixed multi-media, acrylic, canvas, resin, digital, performance and HD video. Performance ɛnədʒi artwork painted while skateboarding.Art Assistants: Christine Perera, Liam Rayner + […]

01 Sep 2021

Melbourne Fringe 2021 Frequency

Directed by: Brett Ashby Curated by: Christine Perera Filmed at: Pentridge Exploring Flow Experiences. International Artist, Brett Ashby takes his audience inside Pentridge, Melbourne’s former historic prison! Michael Jackson and Jimi Hendrix as his subjects will be painted on canvas, whilst the artist rides a skateboard on ramps. The art focuses on the exchange of energy, art and power through physical whole body movement. Spirituality is a fundamental aspect to this performance, allowing for the artist to connect with the […]

24 Mar 2020


Energy Melbourne Fringe “Energy HAS definition. It can, however, manifest itself in many forms.” Mick Harvey Artist: Brett Ashby Year: 2019 Title: Intensity Medium: Mixed multi-media, acrylic, canvas, resin, digital, performance and HD video. Performance ɛnədʒi artwork painted while skateboarding. Art Assistants: Christine Perera, Liam Rayner + Sam Gratton Sitter: Mick Harvey Audio: Summertime in New York, Four (Acts of Love), Mick Harvey DP: Dimitri Karas Photography: Paul Rogers