The One I Love- Russia

Being born shouldn’t be a punishment.

Moscow Russia International Film Festival, Moscow, Москва https://moscowinternationalfilmfestival.com

Category: Best Experimental Project Documentary, Experimental, Short Run time: 16 minutes 43 seconds Completion Date:March 11, 2021 Title: The One I Love One of Australia’s significant moving image practitioners International artist Brett Ashby has long been fascinated by performance as a mode of storytelling. In this short film allow in the frequency, as it opens your heart space. Featuring the voice of Felix Ezrael, please allow his tone to resonate with your natural flow, as the subtitles of illusion disturb inner balance. ‘The One I Love’ captures the artist’s exploration of non-verbal communication, especially energy and gesture.

Working from the internal Ashby’s dreams begin to manifest, better said eternal by seeing the internal originating from eternity. The guide will come through your left hand, its time in nature that matters. The experimental short film extracts the uncomfortable Mick Harvey through a sonic harmonic performance, while the audience experience two individuals last days in shadowland, narrated in Russian. Ashby presents a moving picture of an ancient means of communication.

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