Flow Roll

Exploring Flow Experiences.
Flow can be defined as a psychological experience where one is performing an activity and is fully immersed in an energized focus. In some professions, such as in the case of athletes and musicians, flow is also known as “being in the zone”, characterized by full absorption in what one does.

We are all consciousness. When working with energy flow states and meditation allow for internal healing to occur on a quantum level.

It’s all about the connections, people help you to learn and refocus your journey, but through this process both parties grow. I have used the qr code as a connection to self, making the content intimate on a mobile device.

Water coloured pencils on canvas paper, canvas, oil, acrylic, resin and perspex. Forever Grateful


“The material is toxic, it houses the 9 spiritual circled mantra water colours on paper, to represent our external environment as one consciousness. The use of the watercolored pencil lines is for internal healing to occur. Lines and coloured lines are used for healing, growth, wealth and luck. Circles, sacred earth, infinity no-end, square the material world. Water colour paint has been used on the paper”. Ashby said.

Gregoire Vogelsang for Vogelsang Gallery, Brussels

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