“I believe energy exists in many forms and there are many scientific definitions but for me on a more personal basis, i connect Energy in a physical and mental capacity. Energy is all around us. We need energy to run, to walk, to dance to Sing, to move objects. To Exist”. Lisa Edwards

Artist: Brett Ashby
Year: 2021
Title: Invincible
Medium: Mixed multi-media, acrylic, canvas, resin, digital, performance and HD video. Performance ɛnədʒi artwork painted while skateboarding.
Art Assistants: Christine Perera, Liam Rayner + Sam Gratton
Sitter:Lisa Edwards
Audio: I Am Woman, Lisa Edwards
Art by Brett Ashby soundscapes by Felix Ezrael, Graham Rankin and Dan Byrne.
DP: Dimitri Karas
Photography: Steve McKenzie

“It was a wonderful evening and i am glad that i got to experience it. I am honoured to have been asked to sit for Brett. He is a very talented artist and is a true gentleman and very professional in how he works, engages and expresses his artistry, with a wonderful crew that works along side him, in creating an enjoyable and entertaining atmosphere for both audience and subject (Me!)” Lisa Edwards

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