Artists in Schools Program, 2020 supported by Whitehorse City Council.

Light is contemporary, a 30m public art mural by International artist Brett Ashby.
The pubic artwork was developed over Zoom workshops and is being completed during Term four as the year 9 students paint with the artist. The artwork explores the School values through shape, colour, bold text, student voice and identity.

To observe light, time and space. The placement of the internal work explores frequency and vibration, a common area and gathering place for the School community and pupils.

The mural features a central Celtic knot representing family, infinity and flow. The square shapes represent Winter, Sun, Summer and Autumn. Sun, Moon, Stars and Planets. Air, Fire, Earth and Water. Honesty and Commitment. The outer lines and colour lines are used for healing, growth, wealth and luck. It focuses in the viewers gaze, a gathering point of vibration. Circles, sacred earth, infinity no-end, square the material world.

The mural is planned for completion Wed 9 Dec, 2020. Brett is excited to complete and share the mural with the local community after such trying times- in the art world and for his participants impacted by Covid-19.

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