Always Neo at Cube

Cube Art Fair Media Release 24.Nov.2021

Pentridge Arts resident artist, Brett Ashby, joins Cube Art Fair in Miami as first Australian exhibitor.
The multi-disciplinary artist known for adopting unorthodox methodologies of practice explores multimedia forms of art creation for the occasion. Featuring two canvas paintings, come animated NFT’s titled Always Neo and All You Need, Ashby’s work will be projected on billboards
Coinciding with the highly anticipated Art Basel Miami Week, Cube Art Fair is the world’s largest public art fair presenting works from international artists across a range of mediums, offering a physical art viewing experience of NFT-only works to 5 million visitors.

This year the festival will be illuminating 50 billboard pieces across Miami, Downtown Miami, Overtown, Edgewater and Wynwood, along with a giant mural projection on the side of the 400 feet tall Intercontinental Hotel in which both Ashby’s NFT’s have been selected to feature. This will see Ashby’s skateboarding whilst painting the side of the building. The festival will further be receiving a digital makeover, pivoting to bring an NFT Art Fair component to the streets of Miami.

Ashby won’t be taking to the street for his works, instead he will be displayed on the OpenSea, a marketplace for rare digital items and crypto collectables. Works Always Neo, and All You Need. Always Neo and All You Need captures video performance of Ashby creating the work, Frequency, by way of skateboarding on half pipes and painting aura , energy from his inner environment, channeling energy through time and space whilst fusing symbolic imagery of body meets soul. The videos/animations are available as NFT’s at Cube Art Fair.

“We have been caught in a static fixed way of thinking and it has affected our bodies and our hearts. We are exploring an evolution of consciousness into a much more fluid and open-ended way of thinking and of being. Humans are beginning to realise that the true nature of our being and of all creation, a sense of the two can merge, join. You don’t need to be isolated and live separately anymore, simply be”, Ashby says of All You Need.

These works were developed and created during Melbourne’s lockdown within the walls of Pentridge Arts, the revitalised arts hub at the former Pentridge Prison, informing the energy radiating through the paintings as well as the healing process. From a deeply personal experience in the confines of the prison walls to external city displays, these works have been moulded to be malleable.
Cube Art Fair starts Wednesday 1 December and runs until Sunday 5 December. For those not based in the Miami precinct, drone footage will be available of each work.

To view the completed NFTs visit Ashby’s signature collection at: https://opensea.io/collection/brettashby

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