Nexus Modern Art

New works by Brett Ashby in online gallery- Contact Jason De Run 0404 434 008

Artist statement:

My art explores the process of movement in society and humanity. My photomontage style is a process of production that tells a story of everyday life within the subject.

A word from an observer, Richard Sleeman. London, UK. “Just like his art shows, Brett curates imagery through the face of iconic symbolism creating a microcosm within reality. Ashby plays with the standards of beauty to communicate savagely funny messages that tell his story, your story, our story or whatever you see it to be.”

My recent work involved the ideas of movement and capturing our physical actions represented as art. This has developed from interest in educational theories and projects involving community engagement. These have directly related back to my exploration of society and reality. The impact of others has shifted my thought process within artistic practice to further engage and elaborate on the thoughts and actions of society as a collective.

“Exploration through present day realities, I document people, places and spaces through photography. Mixed media techniques lead to completed works on timber, pre-loved furniture, objects etc. Resin, oil and acrylics are found in my studio”… Brett Ashby.


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