PoPP Autumn Place by Brett Ashby.

Permanent, Colourful Outdoor Ping Pong Tables For Parks, Open Spaces, Schools And Campuses. Made In Australia. Award-Winning Design. Made in Australia. Customized – Permanent. Types: Outdoor Ping Pong Tables, Steel Ping Pong Tables. Commissioned by City Of Casey Council.

Autumn Place 2015 live art by Brett Ashby.
Video produced by Minoli James & Co, Melbourne.

The Year 9 students at Doveton College are working closely with the City of Casey on the Autumn Place Regeneration Project. Developed and funded by the City of Casey the regeneration project will see the restoration of the gardens and landscape opposite the Autumn Place shopping precinct. Autumn Place is the major shopping precinct for many of the Doveton College families.

The major idea behind the Autumn Place Regeneration Project is to make environment and security improvements to this major open space in Doveton. The aim of the project is to discourage undesirable behaviour and activities by applying Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) techniques to the physical environment. For a similar cost to the installation of CCTV cameras the project will provide environmental and security infrastructure improvements to encourage a sense of ownership for the rightful users of the space – local residents and traders.

The students designed and painted the outdoor ping-pong table as part of the Council’s Popp Art Project. The Popp Art Project has been a great learning experience for the students and they look forward to continuing their involvement with the Project.

Title: PoPP Table, Doveton
Client: City Of Casey Council
Client: Vic Health
Size: 2m (L) x 1.2m (W)
Genre: Community Art
Year: 2015

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