‘Redemption’ with Brandon Novak, 900 x 1800mm, 1mm cold steel, 8mm rebar, oil, resin .
From Ashby’s collectors series ‘Weld and Skate’ the art observes the change found in a subject after finding grace. The portrait was produced at Ashby’s gallery titled ‘Inner Essence’ on Wurundjeri Country- stolen land, known by it’s European name of Melbourne, following Ashby’s series titled ‘Going Inside’.

Ashby is recognisable for his unique methods of practice employing a skateboard or surfboard as a tool to paint aura. His work is linked through a poetic and intuitive sensitivity to the expressive potential of space, light, colour, context and materials.
Flow can be defined as a psychological experience where one is performing an activity and is fully immersed in an energized focus. In some professions, such as in the case of athletes and musicians, flow is also known as β€œbeing in the zone”, characterized by full absorption in what one does. We are all consciousness. When working with energy flow states and meditation allow for internal healing to occur on a quantum level.
‘Weld and Skate’ speaks to all that ‘Roll’ Worldwide, forever grateful.
Artist statement:
Abstract energy treatment of puncture on cold steel, painting using a grinder, welder, flame and indigenous smoking. Colours are oil tints set in resin and react, breathe with the steel. Any markings over the gestural energy forms, are applied using an electric grinder, this represents your connections within ones self. Performance action painting by Ashby is a spiritual process of striking the power tool when encountering that moment of metamorphosing, like a pendulum while skateboarding. These works harmonize the mind, body, and soul to activate the inner creative in all, Oneness.

Photo Credit: Brody Mould Music Credit: Willie Maxwell, Willie J and the Bad Books

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