Tania Frequency

Flow State during FUSE Darebin 04.09 – 19.09.21 Musician Tania Doko (ARIA award winning pop duo, Bachelor Girl) as Ashby’s subject will be painted on canvas, whilst the artist rides a skateboard.

Holding a Bachelor of Arts in Criminology, Ashby now finds it fitting to invite her into his studio at Pentridge, Melbourne’s former historic prison! The aura portrait to be produced on canvas, is a grounding for Doko, Stockholm to Melbourne, 2021. Exploring Flow Experiences. Contemporary Artist, Brett Ashby takes his audience inside Pentridge to share its frequency. Accomplished musician Tania Doko as his subject, will be painted on canvas, whilst the artist rides a skateboard on ramps. The art focuses on connection and synchronicity through physical whole body movement.

Spirituality is a fundamental aspect to this performance, allowing for the artist to connect with the subject, space and place. The result is dependant on the exchange of energy provided from both artist and subject in this one of a kind experience. The portrait of Tania Doko will be available as a on demand video feed, for the duration of the Festival. This video will be available by scanning a qr-code displayed at Gertrude Contemporary or online if you’d prefer to watch the artwork at home.

The video becomes accessible via password, displayed on purchased ticket. The duration of performance and painting video/sound art is 1hr. Sound musicians using the handpan drum, singing bowls, gongs and harmonic overtone singing will accompany Brett in his performance.

All this combined with the atmospherical sound of the skateboard will create a unique accumulation of art and sound. The interwoven resonate soundscapes, lighting effects, and on-screen visual displays generate a flow between body and soul. The performance fuses the gap between Pentridge, Darebin and makes the art intimate while being streamed on the users mobile device, to celebrate the romance that is Tania Doko.


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