Understanding Life & Death

Cube Art Fair, New York, 18th May, 2022. 100 billboards across Manhattan, Soho, Chelsea Art Gallery District, Meatpacking, Times Square, Wall Street, Upper East Side etc. Ashby will appear across NewYork every 200 seconds.
Cube Art Fair, New York 18th May, 2022.

“Understanding Life and Death” depicting a whale animal painting exhibiting in New York, for Cube Art Fair, across 100 billboards and screening Ashby’s 2min short film at the 32 Story high, American Eagle Times Square, 1551 Broadway, New York.

A three panel canvas artwork exploring light and love painted on the water at depth, while surfing a kayak. “It documents my pineal gland fluids movement in synchronicity with the universe and offers a healing through intention setting for the blue whale’s energetic field. A quantum vibration, permaculture, a source of clean energy, seawater is one of the most abundant resources on earth, floating through hydrogen painting at a macro level”. Ashby said.
Aura energy work, knowledge and healings for both life and death, un conditional love.
Exhalation through the blowhole the freeing of ones own creative energies, all of which is, are helping to shape the future, the modern refers to aspirations and the knowledge consciousness needs to gain in order to get where you want to be, understanding through seeing.
The square symbol represents structure, balance, logic, and order. It’s a crossroads within the World. “The work takes charge of ones own life, do things your own way, and make positive life changes to benefit and enhance yourself and those around you”, Ashby said.
“Understanding Life and Death”, Frequency animal performance, canvas, acrylic, HD video / sound 5min short film, qr code, approx.1800 x 1200mm, x 3 canvas panels, mixed media public artwork exclusive exhibition at Cube Art Fair, New York edition 18-22 May, 2022 during the highly anticipated Frieze art week.

“Mindful Running”, is part of Ashby’s series titled: $100M Run.
Practicing mindfulness while you’re running can make you more aware of your body, breath, and surroundings, and potentially help you to achieve a state of flow or total immersion.
“The work explores me running on the spot for over 40 hours. While running, I used a projector to stream animated photographs from my past over my entire body and the space exploring colour therapy and light healing. The human entity is only limited by ones mind, when running on the spot ones mind can travel and begin to re-wire itself and feel that sense of limitlessness again. So I’m you, I’m us, it’s us, Only Oneness”. Ashby said.

Photo Credit: Eric Leung

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