Yell At Me And I’ll Do It

Australia’s much-loved artist, Brett Ashby explores his contemporary artistic journey of art therapy through twelve years of commissioned public and performance artwork paintings, recognising and surviving cancer along the way.

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Ashby believes his artistic expression is about sharing energy and creating sound when in a public space. It is always equal, for both the pupils, site, and the facilitator; everything grows. His portfolio is rich with illustrative case material with feature projects, sample drawings, and other photographic content from London, Europe, Australia to the worlds largest public art fair in Times Square, New York.

‘The best therapy you will ever have, is the one that is enforced by you – making your mark, when you most need it,’ Brett Ashby.

Ashby looks closely at the positive psychology present in the public art making process and collaborative healing properties exchanged through workshops. Communicating the local voice across time and place, you can enjoy and reflect on the benefits in reading this book. Art therapy is one of the best vehicles that you can use to discover the truth for yourself, your community and your family.

It is a visual story that will resonate with everyone who asks that questions, “what is art therapy?”, “why make art”, and “what is the Universe?”. Since the oldest times people have believed that angels send us messages in the form of numbers and other things; Ashby shines a little light on what happens when you follow the signs and not your mind.

“My public murals capture and communicate the internal voice of my pupils and culture shared through community engagement. The colours in the art align with colour therapy, art therapy and offering healing properties. I draw on experiences not only as an artist, but also as a patient.”

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