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26 Nov 2014

All We Can’t See

Opening Night, Tuesday 31st July, 2018 Melbourne Art Week26 NOVEMBER 2014 MAJORIncident: Fighting Downgraded: UnknownPhysical violence between these 3 in area one. THE FILES In August 2016 The Guardian published The Nauru Files, leaked incident reports written by staff in Australia’s detention centre on Nauru between 2013 and 2015. These files detail 2,116 separate incidents, including many cases of assault, sexual abuse, self-harm, child abuse and abhorrent living conditions endured by asylum seekers and refugees in the care of the Australian […]

10 Aug 2014

Wireless Art Program

Art education on a whole new level! Supported by lead artist Brett Ashby working with students across Australia. Servicing talks, mentoring, murals and multimedia outcomes.

18 Jul 2014

Nexus Modern Art

New works by Brett Ashby in online gallery- Contact Jason De Run 0404 434 008 Artist statement: My art explores the process of movement in society and humanity. My photomontage style is a process of production that tells a story of everyday life within the subject. A word from an observer, Richard Sleeman. London, UK. “Just like his art shows, Brett curates imagery through the face of iconic symbolism creating a microcosm within reality. Ashby plays with the standards of […]

20 Apr 2014

ART TOWN- 2010 Winner, Chapel street, Melbourne.

The Colonnade by Brett Ashby Tastes Of Chapel Street Olsen Hotel. Mixed media artwork, winner of the Art-Town project, Chapel Street, Olsen Hotel, Melbourne. https://www.facebook.com/chapelstreetprecinct/posts/630142307072379

16 Jul 2013

Beaconhills College, Pakenham and Berwick

Art in Year 8 centre commercial interior artworks

15 May 2013

City of Casey

Public artwork at Casey Fields Rugby Pavilion, Berwick Cranbourne. Brett will be arting up the Warriors Rugby Pavillion. Due to be finished by March. Exploration of places and spaces, community engagement, ideas of movement and capturing our physical actions represented as art- Casey Fields Rugby Pavilion, 2014. https://www.melbourneplaygrounds.com.au/casey-street-and-public-art#.YUmcRtMzZTY

17 Apr 2013

Beaconhills College

Artist in residency, Pakenham. High School talks and workshops Yr-11 and 12.

21 Mar 2012

Louey and Lane Gallery, Glen Huntly.

Currently holding some of Brett’s originals and prints. Contact Louey and Lane Gallery directly for further enquiries.

12 Oct 2010

Mt Keira man takes on Obama, Australia, 2010

Illawarra Mercury. It took Brett Ashby more than 200 digital photographs to create his internationally recognised portrait of Barack Obama. yet none of them were of the President of the United States. In fact, Ashby has never met him. Instead, Brett spent countless hours in his Mt Keira unit painstakingly etching the precise elements of hundreds of travel snaps that would become the eyes, ears and mouth of one of the most recognisable faces in the world.The slender frame of […]

11 Dec 2009

Art Sydney 2010

Light up your walls with affordable art at Sydney’s 2010 Art Sydney. 11th till 14th Nov 2010. Brett Ashby Gallery is located at C2, A new media take on traditional Australia.